Bloody Truffles

Ghost of Cyre 4

The dragon marked House Cannith figure appears in the distance, running, looking up. As you watch, the large cloaked figure drops out of the sky, “There is no where to hide” his voice carries through the woods. Almost casually, he lops off the dragonmarked hand, which clutches a thick looking wand. The house cannith figure says “some one will stop you” as the cloaked figure shouts “it is too late!”

The trees, bushes, grass all begin to sway, and then bend away from the cloaked figure. A howling wind picks up, the House Cannith figure turns, puts his handless arm up against his eyes screaming “No…….” collapsing to the ground.

The cloaked figure turns, the wind ripping his cloak from his shoulders. What you thought was a mask is actually the face of a large, banded warforge, who raises his arms out to his sides, looking directly into your eyes, laughing.

The fallen House Cannith figure is found, along with a scroll case.



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