Bloody Truffles

Ghost of Cyre 4.2 - Doc 2

Can this be true?! A report from the front says that a new part of the draconic prophecy has been seen to say “the other can change all to it’s rule by paralyzing the hunger. As long as the Claimer remains free the other shall ensure their supremacy.”

What does this mean? Who is the Other? The Claimer? The Hunger had an underling named that, if I remember.

Ghost of Cyre 4.2 - Doc 1

Every morning when I wake I pray that it was just a nightmare, but then I look at my notes again, and know in the pit of my stomach that it is true. Foe upon foe all work towards the same outcome, only trying to tip it’s favors in their direction.

Two years ago I was contacted by Jamarja of the Demon House of Arjazath. He said that he had been sent by his lord to me to reveal what the draconic prophecy was saying of late. Twenty years ago Jamarja found himself working with a dragon calling itself Harharzamon, Will of Tiamat. Deep within Kyber, they discovered a chamber pulsing with the draconic prophecy. As they began decoding the prophecy, they both began to realize that the near future held the answer to who would rule Eberron for the next age.

This is what it said “If in the time of a great war the Ancient Hunger is released from it’s Prison the Draconic Clutches will rule all once more. If in a time of Peace the Ancient Hunger is released the Lords will rule all once more.”

As this became clear, the two parties squared off, and began fighting. Jamarja and Harhahzamon both fled back to their masters to report.

Jarmarja and his master have pinpointed the Ancient Hunger’s prison, somewhere in the Primordial Forest. He confirms what I know that the Primordial Forest once was part of the Red Hills Forest. I am sure that the Will of Tiamat are fast at work trying to release Kut’uthku, the Devourer, there have been some unusual travelers passing through the area of late. Jarmarja has offered his help in stopping them. I fear I must take it, as time is of the essence as the war is winding down. I’ll have to worry about the Lords and their peace time machinations later.

I have discovered that finding the Primordial Forest won’t be so easy, and have endeavored a way of piercing the confusion magics that cloud our minds. If I can make a compass with the needle made of wood from the Primordial Forest, I should be able to find my way. I have sent plans for the compass body to my Cannith brothers in the Red Hills workshop with directions to begin it’s construction immediately. Jarmarja and I have finally tracked down a piece of wood from the Primordial Forest. Now to unite it with the compass body…

Ghost of Cyre 4.1

The large scroll tube opens with a quiet pop and out falls a branch of wood and two pieces of paper. The wood is hard, almost like stone, the two pieces of paper are covered in writing in a small, neat script.

As you begin to peer at the writing, reading it’s tale, a voice echoes in your head as a familiar ghostly figure forms in front of you, standing over his fallen body. The slain house Cannith dragonmarked fellow speaks

“Bring me the completed compass so that I may empower it. I was not able to complete it in life, but in death I can help you complete it, and find the primordial forest.”

His form fades, but you are left with the sense of his presence over his corpse.

Ghost of Cyre 4

The dragon marked House Cannith figure appears in the distance, running, looking up. As you watch, the large cloaked figure drops out of the sky, “There is no where to hide” his voice carries through the woods. Almost casually, he lops off the dragonmarked hand, which clutches a thick looking wand. The house cannith figure says “some one will stop you” as the cloaked figure shouts “it is too late!”

The trees, bushes, grass all begin to sway, and then bend away from the cloaked figure. A howling wind picks up, the House Cannith figure turns, puts his handless arm up against his eyes screaming “No…….” collapsing to the ground.

The cloaked figure turns, the wind ripping his cloak from his shoulders. What you thought was a mask is actually the face of a large, banded warforge, who raises his arms out to his sides, looking directly into your eyes, laughing.

The fallen House Cannith figure is found, along with a scroll case.

Ghost of Cyre 3

Two figures rush by, one human, marked with a dragon mark of house Cannith across the back of his right hand. The second, a rakshasah, drawing a blade, turning to defend his fleeing companion. A larger masked figure steps from your midst, a great sword striking the shoulder of the rakshasah, splitting it down to it’s spine. A voice booms out “You will all die to make way for the new masters of Eberron”

Another rakshasah corpse is found.

Ghost of Cyre 2

A beastly figure dashes past you, looking over it’s head, it’s cat like eyes glinting in the mottled light. “run, before they find you…”

The corpse of what appears to be a rakshasah is found with it’s throat slit. Another knife is found with the two crossed fists.

Ghost of Cyre 1

A hunched broad shouldered figure appears at edge of your vision, a bloody hand outreached gesturing for help “Come here… me….”

Daggers were found at this location marked with two cross fists, the symbol of a Cyran Battalion.


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